Frank'd Hotdogs & Burgers Northbridge

97 Francis Street, Northbridge, WA, 6003, Australia

Frank'd Hotdogs & Burgers Northbridge

Frank’d is Perth’s latest addition to the local funky food scene. It is born from our pure desire to provide great food choices to the public while creating a festive and relaxed atmosphere. Quality is our recipe. The era of eating crafted food has come, it is our intention to create deliciously flavor packed “themed” hot dogs with fresh ingredients and an honest smile.

We believe in quality, we also make our food the way we like to enjoy hot dogs ourselves, therefore, we use fresh and yummy ingredients with all our crafted hot dogs starting with a soft bun and premium sausages from Adrian's Butcher for maximum flavor. Our team has developed a list of hot dogs that draw from popular culture dogs, food creative and funky design to create a festive and delicious eating experience.

From the simple “Dingo” which presents a modern take on the humble sausage in a bun to the “Mad Dog” which is packed full of bratwurst goodness with the added taste and haste of ground beef chilli and melty cheese if you’re game. Our “El Chupacabra” hot dog is based on the mythical dog like create of Latin America from which we created our wrestling masked character.

We serve them on the finest buns from Bakers Direct, right off the grill and into your hands. All our toppings are prepared daily, with leafy greens, and fresh ingredients like Fuji apple and mint.

We only serve food that we enjoy ourselves, if we don’t like it then we don’t sell it! Our menu is packed full of flavor and creative recipes and of course is best enjoyed with friends.

© Frank'd 2016